Daughter disappointed in mother’s vacuum hand-me-down

vacuum6Shively resident Marcy Sanders, 25, voiced displeasure Friday evening after using the vacuum cleaner her mother, Dawna Brown, bravely dropped off at her house during Saturday afternoon’s treacherous weather.  The vacuum, a 1996 Kenmore Micron Filtration (12.0 amps) model, failed to lift any of the dust and lent Sanders and her boyfriend had accumulated over the course of five weeks.

“I feel kind of bad being pissed at mom, but it just doesn’t work,” said the H&R Block secretary and mother of three. “For once, I was looking forward to my designated day of cleaning, and now this happens.  I’m not really sure how I’m going to break the news to mom, especially after her Escort barely made it down Dixie Highway with the storms and all.”

Sanders’ boyfriend Mack Jamison, 34, who was forced to secure the vacuum’s remnants by hand, said, “Dude, this thing couldn’t pick up a ‘ho down at O’Malley’s Corner.”



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