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Severe storms no longer excite local weathermen

February 27, 2009

Another severe storm swept into the Louisville area early this morning, but local TV meteorologists admitted that, due to the rash of severe weather the area has seen over the past year, the storms no longer excite them.  In fact, none of the local TV stations covered the storm though winds topped at 60 mph and rain was measured at a seventh of an inch.

“This storm did absolutely nothing for me last night,” said Jay Cardosi, of WLKY-32. “Been there, done that.  I used to get a rise out of something like that.  Not anymore.  It was, let me spell it, ‘W-E-A-K.’  And besides, it was in the middle of the night.  Absolutely no face time for me.”

The weathermen also admitted they preferred storms to occur in prime time, when viewers are likely watching their favorite television program or athletic event.

“Obviously, the best part of this business is when we can interrupt a big game or a big show,” said John Belski, of WAVE-3.

Belski then reflected fondly when he interrupted the final episode of Seinfeld with a measly tornado watch.

“Ah, the look of those Seinfeld fans the next day is something I will never forget,” said Belski, through a mixture of tears and laughter. “There was probably a 5% chance of a tornado but there was a 100% chance they would miss their coveted show.  I loved it.  ‘Friends’ was a much better show anyway.”