Jack Conway Needs You

Jack Conway needs you, folks.  His senatorial campaign is over, but the financial dealings surrounding it are apparently not.   Jack sent an email today asking his supporters — actually, to anyone who might feel sympathetic — to help retire his debt.

In Jack’s thank you letter, he says, “When I look back on the past two years, I think of meeting the widow of the coal miner in Eastern Kentucky who lost health insurance for her and her son the day after her husband died. I think of meeting senior citizens in Paducah struggling to get by on a fixed income. I think about the student in Lexington who can’t afford her college loans. And I think about you…”

Jack Conway is saying, folks, if you have an extra $50 as holiday season approaches, DO NOT seek out the widow of the coal miner who lost her health insurance or the struggling senior citizens or those who can’t afford college.   We can now add Jack Conway himself to his list of the unfortunate.  He lost a campaign despite questions about his opponents’ civil rights beliefs, aqua buddha, and spending more money than he had to spend.

And, for that, he needs your help, indeed.


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